Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller is a mesmerizing yet fun children’s book that gives your kids the inspiration they need to grow a tomato plant, or at the very least, learn about where the food in their refrigerator and plate comes from, whether it’s a fruit or vegetable. When Clare gets curious about her food, she focuses a lot on tomatoes. She’s a lovely character who is intelligent but wants to learn more about the food she eats, which is a great way to get kids interested in nutrition, healthy food, and gardening.

When Clare tries to grow a tomato plant, she becomes concerned about how successful she will be – will the tomatoes grow into their full size, and how can Clare be sure that she’s growing them properly? The book answers many great questions that children have about their food. Can animals make their own food? How do tomatoes grow? Where does all our food come from? What is the difference between a fence and a cage? Growing a plant requires a few simple items, a bit of care, and a lot of patience.

If your children show interest in gardening, this book is for them! I found this book well-written for kids and adults and a great read to share with the whole family. I give this fantastic book, Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller, 5 out of 5 stars for its refreshing introduction to growing food and making healthy choices.

-Saya Jacaranda