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“As a fourth grade teacher and mother to two young daughters, my students and family have enjoyed reading Clare’s Tomato! The book is informative and fun. As a teacher, I have used the book alongside of my science curriculum to teach about the lifecycle of plants. As a mother, I have read the book with my young daughters to teach them about patience, determination and the gentleness needed to cultivate new life through plants. This is a perfect book to add to any teacher’s or parent’s collection!”

- Anna Fuqua

Encourages independent thinking by asking thought provoking questions.

Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller is a good resource for teaching older elementary children about growing plants for food. Mr. Keller provides information about the background of the tomato, where it was first used as food, how it became a trade item, and how to care for a tomato plant in one’s own backyard. I think any older elementary student who likes science and is curious about how things grow would enjoy this book.

-Chris Robison

“Mr. Ed is my good friend and neighbor. I love his book Clare’s Tomato because I really like Clare. She wants to plant her own tomato and she does. After I read the book, I wanted to plant my own tomatos. My mom and dad helped me and now we have six tomato plants. I have to check on them and water them every day. Sometimes I read Clare’s tomato again so that I know how to take care of them. Thank you for helping me learn about growing plants Mr. Ed and Clare!”

- Ella Fuqua (age 5)

“I hold a degree in Education and find Clare’s Tomato to be well written and highly educational– yet attention holding and interesting. The presentation style of MR. Keller is attractive to young people and at the same time relays material that is scientific and widely needed in this day and age. Today, few families plant garden and raise their food during summers. Supermarkets and restaurants have become the norm, resulting in the younger generation no longer having any idea where their food originates. i once had a youngster ask me what kind of tree produced carrots. this book takes us back to basics in a fun and informative manner. ”

- Thelma Kirkpatrick

Clare’s Tomato is aimed at the younger reader, focusing on the science of a growing tomato plant – what makes it grow and how it can be impacted by either neglect (including failure to pick the tomatoes) or by other forces of nature (animals) who see it as their next meal. However, it also deals with the questions and psychological hurdles a child can face in caring for a plant and wrestling with the decision of whether or not to harvest the tomato for food. There are several thought questions throughout the book, many of which can cause a reader of any age (including adults) to ponder the questions, not always with an easy answer. Illustrations throughout the book are well done and help the reader better visualize the events in the story of Clare and her tomato plant. It was an enjoyable and informative read, and, in the end, Clare has a much clearer understanding of a plant’s life cycle and purpose.

- Jim Robison​​

My granddaughter loved this book. It is fun to read and also educational. The book talks about growing your own food and the process. It would be a great activity for parents or teachers to do with their children! Throughout the book there are questions to encourage discussion about how the world works!

- Lisa Schiffbauer

Clare’s Tomato showcases the adventures of Clare as she sets out to learn about how vegetables grow. She’s thrilled about growing her first tomato, but she’s concerned about what will happen to it when it’s nice and ripe. It is an entertaining children’s story that gives a chance for kids to learn where their food comes from and how they can play a part in providing food for their families. The book is published in English and it has 38 pages and weighs 11.5 ounces. It’s currently ranked at #1080 in Children’s Flower & Plant Books category with a review score of 4.8 out of 5 stars.

- Nick Baxter

I recently read the book Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller. It was such as nice example of how a simple activity could encourage learning and critical thinking for both parents and children. The story was clever and enjoyable. It made me feel grateful that someone would make an effort to use a story to encourage discussion, problem solving, using the library and active learning to relate growing a tomato plant to science. As a retired educator I still love books and hope authors will never stop writing and publishing to share information.

- Judith E. Gallagher, RDH, MEd

I found Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller to be a wonderful children’s book. The story was educational, well written and very entertaining. 

- Terry Walls

I have an autistic son that loves me to read him.
He loves this book and listens very intensely when it is read to him. I love the writing, as well as, how easy it is to read and understand. I will definitely buy more from this author! 

- Gary Squires Jr

As an educator of 24 years , I have always been interested in new books.  For  ten years, while my kids were attending elementary school, I was a parent volunteer reader at the elementary school level.  I would have been delighted to read Clare’s tomato to the kids.  I like that the format in Ed’s book builds in interactions which will draw the child into Clare’s world while she grows her tomato.  The questions and the activity provide a way to engage the children and enhance their learning experience .  I would certainly recommend this book for children!

- Carol Gallagher-McLean, M.S.

Clare’s Tomato showcases young Clare’s natural inquisitiveness and enthusiasm to unravel stuff that ignites her passion. It is a book that encourages exploration of the wonders and bounties of nature and the importance of sticking to a nutritious dietary regimen. It is a fantastic read that provides a template for children about the value of asking questions and the subsequent joy they could feel in encountering eureka moments that lurk behind every curve and bend on the road to discovery.

Young Clare’s consuming curiosity primarily drives this book’s narrative. Virtually everything she experiences do not escape her innocent yet penetrating sense of wonder. The way the characterization and dialogue have been expertly woven portray Clare as the perfect mouthpiece for children as they embark on a journey of critical thinking and having fun while they’re at it.

Clare’s parents serve as excellent templates for parents with their commitment and dedication to fueling the fire that Clare has in her. They are supportive, patient, and nurturing. Their enthusiasm towards making the different nuances of the natural world palatable to young Clare’s mind is as encompassing as Clare’s unquenchable thirst for knowledge.

The values that Clare acquires and manifests along the way have never been more particularly relevant in today’s world. Accountability, care, healthy-living, familial bond, and the life-enriching power of learning, among many other things, are being illustrated as values that will never go out of style. And don’t get me started on the illustrations: they’re fun and they enormously contribute to the book’s already considerable entertainment value.

Clare’s Tomato is a remarkable read that would surely leave a lasting impression on children and parents alike. I rate this 5 out of 5 stars.

-New York Times.