About the book

Clares Tomato

Little girl learns how to grow tomatoes

Do you really know where it come from before it gets to your plate?
Young Clare is full of questions, including about the foods she eats. In this book, Clare’s Tomato, the author shares her adventures as she sets out to learn about how vegetables grow. She’s trilled about growing her first tomato, but she is concerned about what will happen to it when it is nice and ripe.

Clare’s Tomato is an entertaining children’s story. It’s also a chance for them to learn where food comes from and how they can play a part in providing food for their families.

Learn Why

Clares Tomato was Created?

Children should experience the joy of gardening at every chance they get. Gardening allows kids to learn a variety of practical skills and promotes a protective attitude towards everything they see in nature. Teaching children how to grow their own food helps them realize how valuable our natural resources truly are.

Having organic, home-grown produce in their backyard that rely on their daily care and dedication instill a sense of responsibility and accountability. All these and more are vividly captured in my entertaining and educational book, Clare’s Tomato!.