Wonderfull book for kids

Clare’s Tomato, by Ed Keller, is an entertaining story directed toward children. I see it not only as a tale but also as a chance for kids to learn where their food comes from. What I find amazing about this book is that it shows little ones how important it is to know the source that is providing food for their families.

Keller’s work gives a clear, full, and yet simple explanation of where food comes from. It helps them develop healthy eating habits centered around both fruits and vegetables. I would say that the language and pictures presented in the book are a playful and suitable way of keeping kids interested in plants, gardening, and food.

I believe that this is the kind of book that all children should read and have on hand. Ed Keller’s explanations are clear, and the illustrations in Clare’s Tomato make the book even easier for younger kids to read. I’m recommending this story to all my friends who have kids; I think they will have a great time reading it with their children.