Knowledge about the food you eat is imperative.

Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller is a book about the food you eat and how much you know about it. Is it as easy as shopping at the local grocery store and picking up what you need on the shelf or learning more about where the food comes from? It’s an entertaining story, and Clare’s Tomato answers all curious kids’ questions about planting, raising, and growing your food.

Clare is the main character, a day, enthusiastic girl who enjoys dress-up, playing with dolls, and helping out in the kitchen. She’s also very curious about food, like any five-year-old, and wants to know where the food she eats comes from. At the grocery store, Clare asks many questions in the produce section and decides to learn about how vegetables grow, inspiring her to buy a tomato plant.

Clare learns how vegetables grow and develop. This is an excellent opportunity for kids to learn about gardening and how to produce the food we eat. It’s an informative story highlighting the importance of learning about our food and the responsibility of cultivating vegetables from a seed to the table. Clare takes a significant interest in tomatoes.

I found the book excellent and enjoyable, while providing an educational tale about the importance of healthy food. It’s a nicely illustrated story for kids, and it offers a great way to learn about the vegetables we eat and how to grow food. I give Clare’s Tomato by Ed Keller 5 out of 5 stars for creativity, and a fun read.

Tara Dodson